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Three of Wands

Larks come together, each arriving at their own unique moment in flight. None is wrong or better than the other, they must maintain what is required to keep themselves aloft. Threes are a time to pause and re-evaluate how you will proceed, so take a moment and see where you are in your flight.

There is potential and passion in each, and yet they know to leave space for the others to spread their wings as well. Proceed on your own creative path, allow your own passion to have room to grow and allow others to do the same. Your ability to rise toward the light does not limit those around you from doing the same. Remember you can all share the same sky but you must spread your own wings to catch the breeze and control your flight.

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The Three of Wands ( Bastoni) from The Secret Language of Birds Tarot by Adele Nozedar and Linda Sutton is the daily psychic tarot reading for April 15, 2019

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