On first glance, Ten of Swords appears to be one of the worst cards of the Tarot. Violence has happened in this quiet field, a man lays prone with ten swords pointed to his back (and in some decks piercing his back).

Completion and a new dawn is rising. The message of this card is about reaching the end of a cycle. The Three Fates fly off in the distance; there is a peaceful calm now. The swords are not descending into you but being lifted with the golden light of God/Source/Spirit. A Stag the symbol of quiet strength comes to you.

Give thanks and gratitude today to have reached the end of this cycle, Ace is up next bringing in a bright new start.

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The Ten of Swords from The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti is your psychic tarot guidance for Oct 15, 2018

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