What are your thoughts and where are they taking you? Sevens(yesterday and today!) indicate that you are seeking the hidden truth. Today’s energy says you have yet to narrow your focus enough.

Carrying the truth of others does not serve your purpose. Stop sneaking off in the night(mentally) and really pull your options out in the open to take a look at them. If the sword is too large you won’t be able to lift it, if it is too small it won’t protect you, if you carry too many you won’t be able to wield it when needed. Find the sword(truth) that fits and feels natural to use, an extension of yourself.

Focus on your own abilities and what would serve YOU best. Choose that sword (truth) to carry into battle.

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The Seven of Swords from The Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson is your psychic tarot guidance for Oct 8, 2018

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