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Goddess of Cups

The God and Goddess cards are unique to this deck ‘The Secret Language of Birds’ by Adele Nozedar & Linda Sutton. She is not the Queen of Cups but transmutes that energy into something more/different.

On first glance, this feels more like a Queen of Wands energy, fiery and hot, challenging and fearless as symbolized by the Firebird. However as we dive deep into the energy we feel the nurturing and caring that comes with the Queen of cups.

Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by emotion because you feel it so deeply, but it is exactly at that point that the fire emerges. Today you have the ability to tap into that fire and really make a difference in something that is true to your heart.

Allow the Firebird free to bring the change that is so desperately needed. It does not mean you care less or are unfeeling it actually means you care enough to risk everything for what you care about.

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The Goddess of Coppe (Cups) from The Secret Language of Birds Tarot by Adele Nozedar and Linda Sutton is the daily psychic tarot reading for April 13, 2019

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