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Rock Your Chakras Sacral (2 of 7)

Meditate & Create Workshop

May 11, 2019 1pm-3pm

$40.00 if you book before May 11, 2019 ($50.00 at the door)

Join Niki, Nina and Chris, Saturday May 11, 2019, 1pm-3pm for a Meditation inspired workshop. At Divine Qi 1307 Park Ave Studio 2-746

Ages 8 and up.

Have you always wanted to try meditation, but just can’t see yourself sitting quietly? Is there something you have been longing for in your life but have been unable to achieve?

Nina will lead you in a meditation enhanced by her crystal bowl, relaxing your mind and body into the flow, allowing your inner creativity to surface.

Finally, with your mind and senses connected to Flow, you create a physical representation of your meditation.

Engaging sound, mind, and touch creates a unique piece that you will have as a reminder of the positive energy flow bringing what you want into your life.

Workshop cost is $40.00 if you book before May 11, 2019 ($50.00 at the door). Class is limited reserve your spot now.

No previous art experience needed. Workshop includes your unique crystal to take with you, meditation with crystal singing bowl, and all supplies needed.

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