The Fool

Interpretation for September 22, 2020 by Seems like the perfect card for like the Equinox, The Fool is all about new beginnings. Now is the time to take a leap of faith, start something you’ve been thinking of doing for awhile. Are you willing to take a chance to find your own Wonderland down the […]

The World

Interpretation for September 19, 2020 by Today brings an ending of sorts. The World is the final card of the Major Arcana completing the Fool’s Journey. We’ve learned all we can here; time to move on. Worry dances around the edges of our mind but,we don’t go empty handed; we carry our wisdom forward. Take […]

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Interpretation for September 17, 2020 by Today’s energy forces you to pause. I often begin these with ‘today’s energy asks’; however, today you are being told. It may feel like an inconvenience to stop. Trust that God/Source/Spirit has your best interest in view and that this pause will bring you great insight […]

The Emperor

Interpretation for September 2, 2020 by Today’s energy reminds us that we are in control of our own energy. We know what resources are available to us. In deciding what is best for us we can make informed decisions that work for the good of the collective as well. When you step into your power […]

The Lovers

Interpretation for September 1, 2020 by You have a choice. Do you choose to act out rashly with dramatic flourishes, or do you pause and take a calm approach? Be mindful of all your options going forward today. Know that only you have the power to decide what is best for you. The Lovers card […]

2 of Air

Interpretation for August 31, 2020 by Today’s energy is one of choice and balance. You are currently at a standstill. You are all up in your head trying to logic your way forward. The message is to tap into your inner rhythm. Feel the energy in and around you. Your answer will alight within the […]

6 of Earth

Interpretation for August 30, 2020 by Today brings an energy of wealth and abundance. You have all you need and more. You understand that as you pay your good fortune forward that you will receive tenfold in return. The scale balances over time and space. What will you do with your riches? “He held up […]


Interpretation for August 29, 2020 by Today’s energy asks that you step into your personal power. Take charge of the situation. Listen to the suggestions of those around you, but ultimately you are the decision maker. Are you ready to create your new reality? “And the men who hold high places, Must be the ones […]

Fortune’s Wheel

Interpretation for August 28, 2020 by Good and bad fortune seem to be completely up to luck, but is it really random? Take a closer look and you will see yourself reflected back from Fortune’s Wheel. Know that there really are no coincidences. We are all interconnected and our choices lead us to our destiny. […]