Ace of Wands

Interpretation for October 5, 2020 by Today sparks ignite. As the flame grows be willing to reach out and take the staff of power. This could be the start of something exciting and bold. Emerge from the ashes of the past by becoming fully present. Hold the fire of your passions channeling that energy toward […]

Nine of Cups

Interpretation for October 4, 2020 by Today you are confident in your own skin. This confidence brings offers towards you. It is interesting how when we come from a place of abundance more abundance flow to us. Be wary of those who were no where to be seen when you were in need and now […]

Nine of Wands

Interpretation for October 3, 2020 by Today it feels as if you have no strength to continue to fight. You have stood guard over your fortress for many moons. Caring, love and support from Spirit is in the background(see the heart in the clouds by the tower?) Although it feels impossible to go on, you […]