The Dreamer

Knights move the energy, and the knight of mirrors flows and moves gently. As the energy of the full moon continues to charge your day, dream of what you really want. Dream big, dream outside your comfort zone. The tiger in this card indicates the raw powerful energy that the dream hides under his thoughtful […]

The Minstrel

Time for a song. Listen closely for within the song that you hear is a story that has meaning for you. As the King of Stones it isn’t yours to create the story but to present it in a way that will carry forward a long time. Stones a suit of material things, things you […]

Three of Stones

Time to regroup. Today calls for you to pull back and review what it is you really want to accomplish. You’ve done enough to understand what is working and what isn’t working. Call your counsel around you, be it friends, business associates, or your spirit team, and reconnect. See if there are new ideas from […]

Ten of Stones

You’ve reached the end of a cycle with today’s energy. Stones(Pentacles) is a suit of abundance, material possessions, resources and time. The ten in this case does not mean you have all the worldly goods you desire, no, today’s energy speaks to the mind shift that happens when you realize that not all good things […]


Today’s card feels personal to me. I am a writer. Are you a writer too? Are you like me and maybe lost your way from something that you had a driving passion for? Even if it isn’t writing, we all have something that drives us forward, that makes us leap out of bed at 4:30am […]


Pan arrives today to remind you to find the fun in your new adventures. Now today, embrace the fertility of an idea, project or journey. Know that these things don’t arrive fully formed but go through a gestation period, a growing period before the harvest is ready. Plant the seed of something new today. Nurture […]