The Devil

What is holding you back? When the Devil appears it isn’t evil or bad, but it does say that you feel bound by physical or emotional ties. You are hiding behind a mask of disillusionment. By not seeing what you don’t want to see you keep yourself stuck in a place that is familiar but […]

King of Swords

Today is about communicating the truth. You have may have been seeking and struggling to understand the underlying truth of a situation. The energy today calls for drawing a line in the sand. You know what you believe, you have gone through the logical steps, you need to take command of the situation. Be wary […]

The Heirophant

Today you feel pulled to follow the rules and stay within the boundaries you have been taught. You seek structure and form to support you. You carry your wisdom with you through wild times and subdued times. Often we assume labels in our life, ‘she’s the wild child’, ‘we can’t be contained in a box’, […]

The Visionary

Another Knight today. The fastest knight of them all, which tells me the underlying energy is will come in and out very quickly today. It appears we have reached the destination of our magic carpet ride of yesterday. When I refer to the energy moving quickly it doesn’t have to show in the physical world. […]