Seven of Cups

Interpretation of Seven of Cups by Divine Qi for June 12, 2020 Today’s energy feels like infinite possibilities. As you look around you are inspired and energized by the opportunities that appear before you. Here’s the thing though, if you try to do everything, nothing will get done. The suggestion for today is to take […]


Patience intuitive interpretation by Divine Qi for March 19, 2020 Today as we experience the Equinox (Spring for the Northern Hemisphere, Fall for the Southern Hemisphere) we receive a message of Patience. Equinox is a time of equal light and dark. It feels true in many ways recently. Appropriate that is is #14 = 5 […]

Ten of Fire

Ten of Fire intuitive interpretation by Divine Qi for March 15, 2020 Ten is the end of a cycle in all suits and the time of new beginnings. Acknowledge that you do not need what you once thought you did. Release your burdens with gratitude for the lessons and understanding they brought you. Allow the […]

Four of Water

Four of Water intuitive interpretation by Divine Qi for March 14, 2020 Pause today. Take a moment to breathe. The Four of Water asks that you lift your head and see more than what is in front of you. Disillusionment, overwhelm, dissatisfaction are emotions that flit through your mind at this time. Trust in the […]


Strength intuitive interpretation by Divine Qi for March 11, 2020 Today is a reminder that you are greater than those things that threaten you. You have an inner strength that can tame the beast. The key here is that you are in charge of when and how you will tap into that strength. There is […]

The Star

Beautiful flowing energy for today. Following the Judgement energy from yesterday, The Star asks that you dream big. Sit in the stillness of the dark going deep within to see that spark that illuminates life. Know that there is enough for everyone and energy is constant moving in and out of your consciousness. Book a […]


Today realize that you are being watched over by angels and guardians. As you move through your day, know that you have time. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Everything in moderation will allow the magic to happen. Book a personal reading  © 2020 Intuitive interpretation of Patience by Divine Qi for February 17, […]

The Chariot

Interpretation for July 31, 2020 by Today is a time of action. When Chariot appears, it urges you forward with a wild speed that can seem out of control at times Here’s the thing; you are in control. You are the charioteer that focuses your energy and intention to bring the horses of fate together […]