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Ten of Wands

Here we are at the end of a cycle. The ten follows the nine of wands from earlier in this week. You no longer are able to stand, the weight of what you have been carrying has brought you to your knees.

You are capable, for some it is a matter of taking a short rest to finish the task at hand, for others, it is to drop some of the load you carry that isn’t really yours to go forward with. It appears that you are filling time with busyness to keep from focusing on the hole in your life.

Drop the burden, move forward free from the past, you will finally then have the energy to focus on mending the holes not avoiding them. Take a breath, and hoist yourself up, for once you complete this cycle you will never have to do it again in the same way.

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Ten of Wands from The Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson is your daily psychic guidance for Dec 6, 2018

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